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Please contact us about scheduling of
virtual mentoring groups in English for ACC and PCC candidates in 2017
or ask us about individual or face to face mentoring options.

Virtual Mentor Coaching Groups
(download program)

10 hours of virtual mentor coaching to prepare your ACC or PCC credential with the ICF

For professionally trained coaches who want to get ACC or PCC certified (Portfolio or ACSTH route), have (nearly) completed the required ( coach training and practice hours for the certification level they are seeking and need to complete the 10 hours of mandatory mentor coaching.

Organization of the virtual session
  • 1 pre-course session Q & A for interested coaches (free of charge - no commitment necessary) phone conference: 1 h
  • 4 fixed sessions of group mentoring ( joint conference calls of 1.30 hrs each)
  • 4 x Individual mentoring: 4 hrs, individual timing (via phone)
  • Learn in a small group, motivate each other , prepare your certification, network with professional colleagues from different
  • locations
  • Get a combination of group and individual mentoring
  • Fine tune your coaching skills in reference to the ICF core competencies
  • Save money compared to individual mentoring and with the virtual format (no travel time and cost)
  • Independence from location, in particular if you travel for business
  • The virtual, audio setting corresponds to the certification application format
  • The program covers all mentoring requirements for ACC and PCC certification with the ICF.
  • Groups of 5 – 10 participants with two mentors to guarantee individual attention
  • Joint exploration of the 11 ICF coaching core competencies and ethical guidelines to prepare for the assessment
  • Live peer coaching exercises and individual feedback
  • Identify your own coaching strength and areas of development, based on the ICF coaching core competencies
  • 6 hrs of group mentor coaching (4 phone conferences, 1.5 hrs each)
  • 4 hrs of individual mentor coaching via phone: evaluation & written feedback on (up to 4) different 30 minute recordings of your
  • coaching sessions with clients (2 hrs with Clyde Moss and 2 hrs with Silke Thompson)
  • 1hr free Q & A about the program and expectations
  • Confirmation of the 10 required mentor coaching hours for ICF Certification
  • Motivation and active participation
  • 750,00 € (plus local tax, if applicable) for members of the ICF German Chapter (ICF Deutschland e.V.);
  • 900,00 € (plus local tax, if applicable) for all coaches who are not members of the ICF German Chapter
  • We are happy to supply you with feedback in English of our alumni’s, upon request. Feedback in German
For companies:

Preparation for ICF Coach Certifivation for your internal coaches:
  • adapted to your organizations needs: face to face or virtual 
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We are looking forward to working with you! If you are interested please contact us anytime!

Silke Thompson, PCC        Clyde Moss, PCC